About Me

Ted Kidd

My name is Ted Kidd, my goal is to build a reputation as The Energy Guru –a nickname given me by the Rochester Democrat & Chronical columnist Anne Peterson.  I intend to do this by reducing my clients energy use by 30-70% while at the same time improving the comfort and value of their homes.

I was raised in a family with 7 children.  Being wasteful was frowned upon when there was barely enough to go around already.  I wish this was a more pervasive attitude in society today as we need to forestall reaching “peak oil”.

In College I studied Economics and have spent the last 20 years involved in financial planning, real estate management, and helping small businesses set up and manage accounting systems and cash flow.

Financial efficiency and energy efficiency are very similar.  I firmly feel that money spent on energy, while a necessary evil, is for the most part money wasted.   If that money can be redirected to something tangible and lasting, isn’t that a better use of resources?

In 2007 Mike Jag of Jag Construction (BPI Accredited Contractor) suggested I look into the Building Performance Institute (BPI) courses.  Intrigued, I decided to take the entry class in Syracuse.  I found the class took so many “rules of thumb” that I’d heard for years and turned them on their ears that I had to take more.  From January to May 2008 I attended 4 NYSERDA “Home Performance with Energy Star” sponsored BPI (Building Performance Institute)  training classes.  I also obtained the EPA 608 refrigerant certification required to enroll in the Heat Pump class.

After taking these classes it became a priority to finish insulating my house.  Given what I’d learned about moisture, air movement and condensation, I was very reluctant to have someone simply blow shredded paper into the empty cavities in my leaky old home.  So in the spring of 2008 I contacted AirKrete inventor Keene Christopher to find out about having my house insulated with his cementious foam.  He referred me to Halco.  Once Hal Smith heard about the BPI training I’d taken he invited me to work in his family business.

I have since left Halco.  In 2010 I co-founded a partnership called Energy Efficiency Specialists, which became BPI Accredited and a Home Performance with Energy Star Partner in February 2011.

How can I be of service to you?

I help open doors to financial incentives. We are a HPwES Accredited contractor.  That opens the door to the “free/reduced cost audit”,  3.49% unsecured financing, and  10% to 50% outright incentives for utilizing the NY Get Energy Smart scientific approach to improving energy efficiency.

I’m passionate about energy efficiency and the environment. I’ve always been keenly interested in financial efficiency. This translates more directly to energy efficiency as resources become increasingly scarce, and as obtaining those resources becomes more conflict ridden.  Plentiful alternatives may be “around the corner“…, but in the meantime you can save a lot of money and be less wasteful.

Most homeowners single largest asset is their home, yet too seldom are large improvement decisions assisted by really good cost benefit analysis.  Whole House Diagnostics and the power of computer modelling provide the tools.  A small investment of time and energy up front can mean huge returns in energy savings, noise, comfort, health and improved durability.  For most homeowners the key is knowing that the opportunity exists.

I have hands on experience. I’ve done a lot of work on my own circa 1905 home, which is in the historic Park Avenue neighborhood of Rochester.  I have first hand knowledge of the impact that good insulation and equipment improvements have on energy costs.  My energy consumption is ¼ therm and 3 kilowatt hours per square foot per year – that’s about 50 cents per square foot in annual energy use. Compare that to the average inefficient home which may use $1 to $2 per square foot, that’s pretty significant savings.  It won’t put your kid through school, but it might buy them the used car to get there.

I have cutting edge knowledge of current building science and best practices. In 2008 I completed NYSERDA “Home Performance with Get Energy Smart” sponsored Building Performance Institute (BPI) training:

  • Building Analyst – 36 hours – January 2008
  • Envelope Training – 30 hours – March 2008
  • Heating Professional – 30 hours – April 2008
  • EPA Clean Air Section 608 UNIVERSAL – May 2008
  • Cooling Professional Training – 16 hours – May 2008


We are a solutions-oriented energy audit and solutions design company. Our goal is to build a reputation for providing amazingly cost effective solutions, not simply selling products.

Too often people purchase savings products hoping for energy savings solutions and are disappointed.  This is a failure of design, not product.  Quick fixes are generally not good, and good fixes are generally not quick.  Without an audit and thoughtful design, huge opportunities are missed.  Success rests on the energy audit and quality retrofit design, which takes talk time and think time.

Energy Efficiency Specialists mission is to provide the highest quality audits and design, we partner with other BPI Accredited/Home Performance Contractors to deliver quality installation and insure our design meets or exceeds our model results.

Products we use to facilitate solutions include:

  • Open and Closed Cell Urethane Spray Foams
  • Cellulose
  • AirKrete Cementious “Foamsulation”
  • Windows and Doors
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems
  • Furnaces, Air Source Heat Pumps (Hybrid Heat)
  • Geothermal or Ground Source Heating and Cooling
  • High Efficiency Hot Water Heaters
  • Wind, Solar Photo-voltaic, and Solar Thermal

We are proud to specify/facilitate install of Carrier, American Standard, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, and Goodman HVAC Equipment; Navien, Lochinvar, Triangle Tube and Viessmann boilers; and many other highly respected quality products.

Please feel free to call or e-mail me at any time.