Understanding Humidity – incredibly important

Until recently I had no clue about how moisture vapor worked.  The more I understand about Humidity, the more it blows my mind how incredibly important managing humidity is to energy, comfort, health, and durability.   Recently I ran across a few articles in USA Today that do a nice job of laying the groundwork for understanding humidity:

Understanding Humidity – lays the groundwork for why understanding humidity is important.

Wrong Humidity turns your house into a HASSLE – discusses problems from static and dust to mold, and how through simple moisture management these comfort and durability problems can be avoided.

How low humidity dries out your house – this short article does a nice job explaining why indoor air dries out in the winter.

Getting a Handle on Humidity – explains RELATIVE humidity, DEW POINT, and what happens to humidity as temperature changes.

Just as Heat goes to Cold, Moisture goes to Dry.  The velocity of this movement for both heat and moisture is a function of DELTA, or size of the difference.

Please feel free to post questions or comments about your situation “relative” to humidity.

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