WOW, guess I shouldn’t sleep in on Saturdays!  First let me say it is really flattering to be referred to as an Energy Guru by Anne Peterson. Thank you for the complement!

NYSERDA has so many different energy programs, commercial, municipal, not for profit, that finding information about residential can be daunting.  This web-site will continue to evolve, it is in it’s infancy and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.

If anyone feels this site is to cumbersome for them to find the answers they are looking for please drop me an e-mail or call 4664-nrg, that’s 466-4674.  Here’s an excerpt from my “Landlord” page:

There are great programs available to help landlords take a comprehensive look at energy savings opportunities.  Cutting energy costs by 70% is not unheard of. Energy modeling allows quantification and prioritization of improvements BEFORE the work is done, removing guesswork.


EMPOWER is a weatherization program for NY residents whose household income is below 60% of median family income.  Most of the work done through EMPOWER  is FREE.

I utilized EMPOWER for one of my rental properties and the tenants received an energy star refrigerator, all the doors had weatherstripping replaced, penetrations and rim joist in the basement were spray foamed, duct work was sealed, and insulation was added to the attic.

(Click here for 80% Assisted Income Guidelines and multiply by .75 to arrive at 60% median income cut off.)


$5,000 Grants – Home Performance with Energy Star

At 80% of the median family income (Assisted Income Guidelines) the incentive is $5,000 on a $10,000 worth of improvements for one unit.  If credit worthy the remaining $5,000 can be financed over 10 years for $55.50 per month (5.99%).

If you qualify for the grant program and the loan program, usually your energy bill goes down by more than your loan payment.  This means money you were sending to the utility company is paying for substantial improvements to your home.

You are spending the money anyway, why not have it go to improving the comfort, value, and efficiency of your home?


$10,000 GRANTS – Home Performance with Energy Star

A maximum subsidy of $10,000 on $20,000 of improvements for 2-4 family houses!

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